About Us


Meet Pegah (@megpegdeg), founder of Cigaros Handbags

Persian on the outside. ATLien on the inside. 28 years old. Work hard, play harder.


The streets are a big influence to me (LOL). Cigaros Handbags is a way to diversify and push streetwear culture to further boundaries & focus on more than just apparel & sneakers.

Time Zone Traveler

In May of 2019, I took a cruise to Cuba & while shopping for souvenirs, the beautiful and colorful designs of the Cuban cigar boxes, so I brought a few back to ATL & got to work.


I wanted to re-purpose the cigar box into something useful, while preserving it's authenticity and natural beauty. The idea blossomed into wearable art, Cigaros Handbags.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Now, we re-purpose and up-cycle cigar boxes into one-of-one handbags & jewelry/watch boxes. Our designs are exclusive to each individual handbag & are never replicated or duplicated twice.